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Recognition for HealthEd Connect

Temple Ambassadors Award - Jac and Sherri KirkpatrickThe annual Temple Ambassadors Award was presented to Jac and Sherri Kirkpatrick in March, 2016.  The award was presented by Marjorie Stowell, Temple Ambassador Corps President, who commended the Kirkpatricks on the establishment of HealthEd Connect and the successful way it "focuses on empowering women in Third World countries and training voluntary community health workers and educators."  The Temple Ambassador Corps is made up of volunteers who serve in the Independence, Missouri community.

Youth Service AwardInternational Youth Service Award - Jac and Sherri were honored at the Community of Christ World Conference April 9, 2010 with the International Youth Service Award. Among the contributions noted were their services to children and youth through the HealthEd Connect programs, assisting with initiation of World Service Corps, and the organization of international youth events in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Graceland University Distinguished Service Award - Jac and Sherri were recognized with Graceland’s highest alumni honor in 2009 for, among other things, their establishment of HealthEd Connect, Sherri’s initiation of Community Health Worker programs and Jac’s involvement in the creation of WorldService Corps, a church related program developed to create bridges between cultures. The citation for the award noted it was given to them for “a contribution which has honored the purposes and ideals of their alma mater.”

UN AwardUnited Nations World Citizen of the Year - The United Nations Kansas City chapter honored Sherri in 2005 for her work in developing countries. She accepted the award on behalf of her heroes – the community health workers who serve without recognition or pay for their selfless service.

World of Children – The World of Children recognized Sherri in 2002 for her work with children. Sponsored by Kellogg and Cardinal Health Care, World of Children has been referred to as the “Nobel Prize® for Children.” It was created to recognize and elevate individuals who make a difference in the lives of children here in the USA and across the globe, regardless of political, religious, or geographical boundaries.

American Academy of Nursing – Sherri was inducted into the prestigious American Academy of Nursing in 2002. Her work in participatory research with community health workers was noted as a major area of achievement.

University of Kansas Outstanding Alumni Award (1996) – Honored by her alma mater, the University of Kansas, Sherri received the Outstanding Alumni Award for the applied research programs she initiated in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Malawi, Zambia, and Zaire. Based on her original doctoral research in the health beliefs of Haitian mothers, she further developed and applied her research through the establishment of community health worker programs in other countries.

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