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Our Philosophy

The foundation for our programs is participatory research (PR) conducted by community health workers (CHW) and local leaders. PR empowers people from the beginning making them “the experts” from the start. It increases self-esteem, self-confidence, women’s status and prepares leaders for tomorrow.  

The role of the volunteer community health worker is key to the success of HealthEd Connect.  Armed with knowledge in World Health Organization endorsed primary health care areas (nutrition, immunizations, oral rehydration therapy, under-five monitoring, sanitation, basic first aid and prenatal care) the CHWs become the link and coach along the pathway from birth to adulthood.   CHWs teach and monitor pregnant women assuring the delivery of healthier babies;  they become Traditional Birth Attendants ushering babies safely into the world;  they provide monthly baby weighing clinics under a tree or in borrowed facilities where they teach mothers the essentials of child care; they provide home-based care when parents are ill or dying from AIDS; they identify children who are not in school and refer them to the community schools established specifically to serve these children.  They are advocates for women and children.

Advocates such as CHWs are desperately needed for the overwhelming challenge of 14 million AIDS orphans in Sub Sahara Africa alone.  CHWs trained over 20 years ago by Dr. Kirkpatrick were some of the first to elevate the plight of the orphans and their caregivers.  One of the needs they identified was that  many of  the illiterate grandmother caregivers had no marketable skills but were now the sole support for young grandchildren.  When a community survey was conducted,  the caregivers indicated their most pressing need was education for the children which HealthEd Connect has supported with the establishment of 3 schools.   Traditionally many people have sought to assist the orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) by founding orphanages. We do not support the concept of orphanages where children lose what little family connection they might have left.  Instead, we support programs that strengthen the community and caregivers so the children can remain with their extended families.

HealthEd Connect is the facilitator that helps uncover the capabilities, dreams, and hopes that already exist.  As one of our good friends in Zambia said, “We have the passion.  We just don’t know how to package it.” HealthEd Connect is the link between this passion and the package.

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