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The History of HealthEd Connect

HealthEd Connect was incorporated on May 19, 2009 in the State of Missouri with a 15 member board of directors. The organization itself is relatively new but has a rich heritage of people and organizations that preceded its formal organization.

Sherri Kirkpatrick, PhD, began her work training community health workers (CHW) in Haiti in 1982, followed soon after by programs in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Those early programs eventually disbanded due to a variety of reasons including civil wars, church politics, deaths of health workers, and lack of leadership. By one measure, however, all of the programs were successful and sustainable in that education given to women never dies but instead is passed on to subsequent generations.

CHW programs were established in Africa in 1992 and in Nepal and India 10 years later. Each program took on a unique personality to meet the specific needs of its community. The health workers in Malawi, for instance, hold classes for mothers and monitor over 25,000 babies annually while those in Nepal bring health care to remote villages in the Himalayas. Those Zambia-Congo 2013in Congo serve as Traditional Birth Attendants and focus on safe delivery of over 1,400 babies each year, while programs in Zambia focus on support for AIDS-stricken families and sponsor community schools which have an enrollment of more than 900 orphans and vulnerable children.

In 2000, Graceland University officially embraced the long-standing Community Health Worker programs and established the International Health Center (IHC) with Sherri as the director.

In 2009 these programs were formally organized and enlarged to include programs targeting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) in Africa. With the encouragement of Graceland University President, John Sellars, Sherri Kirkpatrick (Executive Director) and her husband Jac Kirkpatrick (Financial Officer) incorporated the existing programs under a new not-for-profit, HealthEd Connect. HealthEd Connect continues to partner with Graceland for specific programs but now operates under its own separate 501(c)3.

In 2015 HEC came of age by officially moving to the next level by hiring a full-time paid executive director, Lauren Hall. Sherri and Jac continue to be fully immersed in the organization with both serving as officers on the Board of Directors.

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