"The Boss"


Our first ‘Boss’

We all love the boss! She’s a person of few words but her occasional smile and penetrating brown eyes are sufficient incentive for us to work harder than we have ever worked before. In spite of her diminutive size, she’s able to command great respect. The pay itself isn’t great but the job she offers is immensely challenging and overflowing with rewards.

The 'Boss'Our boss’s name is Mirriam. We met her when she was two years old. She’s been HIV positive since birth.

Many people would consider Mirriam fortunate because she has a mother (also HIV positive) which makes Mirriam a ‘single’ orphan. ‘Double’ orphans have neither a mother nor father. Both Mirriam and her mother, Ethel, will take medication regularly for the rest of their lives. That’s assuming, of course, that they can find money for transportation to the nearest clinic where the medication is supplied by the government; that they receive enough nutrition to keep their immune systems as healthy as possible; that they don’t get discouraged and quit taking the medication because of the side effects; and that the challenges of survival itself as a widow and child in Africa don’t overwhelm them.

Fortunately for Mirriam, her mother is dedicated to making the monthly treks across town to obtain the ARV medication to combat Mirriam’s health challenges. After several years on the job as “Boss,” Mirriam is now enrolled in school and doing well.  During her tenure, the work of HealthEd Connect has expanded rapidly and Mirriam now shares her ‘boss’ responsibilities with over 850 orphans and vulnerable children enrolled in our schools.  We are totally mesmerized by these little ‘bosses’ who are accomplishing amazing things against all odds.

We at HealthEd Connect are highly motivated by our little bosses and will do everything within our power to keep from letting them down. They always have a Help Wanted sign hanging out, so you’re invited to sign on and work for them too. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed!


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