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Want to work for Little Boss Mirriam and her team? If so, you’re hired! No application or references needed. The only requirement is a passion for kids.

Here are some ways Mirriam’s workers are contributing.

Regular donations – Mirriam has several devoted workers who make regular monthly donations.  No glitzy program, no fanfare – just regular salt-of-the-earth dependable donations.  She’s especially grateful for this kind of on-going commitment!

Sponsoring teachers – A teacher in Zambia makes huge differences in the lives of children but earns less than $100 a month.  Several donors have accepted the challenge of donating an amount equal to a monthly salary knowing they are directly impacting over 100 eager little students. Others have gone the extra mile to provide $1,000 a year to provide a teacher training scholarship that culminates with a diploma in teaching.

Jewelry Parties – We’d love to send you a kit to sponsor a party that helps the health workers as well as the orphan’s schools that ultimately benefit. Our amazing health workers find time to operate a recycled paper-bead jewelry Income Generating Activity while at the same time devoting countless hours to their community.  Many of our donors sponsor jewelry parties to benefit our craftsman.  We’d love to send you a party kit!

Jeff ManualMarathons – Kelsey Novelli, Callie Striech, Andrew Murphy, and Jeff Manuel spent months training and running marathons to raise funds and spread the word about HealthEd Connect. They may have ended up with sore feet and tired muscles but they unquestionably had the satisfaction of knowing they made a huge difference for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia.

Birthday Celebrations  - Rather send a little girl to school and change her life forever than receive another doo-dad you didn’t really need?  Michael Lewis did just that for his birthday.  He organized a campaign among his friends and family to donate to the Girls Achievement Program (GAP) in lieu of birthday gifts.  The GAP program incentivizes caregivers and young girls to keep the girls in school through 12th grade. He challenged them to give $1 for every year of his age and offered to match the total.

Wedding FavorsShamba Huts -  Our younger donors love this one!  They take a shamba hut bank made from a milk carton, follow a scavenger hunt around their house, ‘tax’ themselves for luxuries they find in their homes, and donate the proceeds to HealthEd Connect.  In addition to being a great fund-raising tool, it provides outstanding opportunities to elevate the disparities between children in the U.S. and many other parts of the world.

PencilsMatching Funds – Several people work for generous employers who match their employees’ donation.  We receive double the contribution that way.  Be sure to see if your employer has a matching program.

Donations in lieu of presents – One long-time supporter of the school children in Africa decided to make contributions to HealthEd Connect instead of sending Christmas presents to law practice partners.  Think of all the pencils and books that can be purchased with that donation! Another family has made it a family tradition to donate to a charity each year in lieu of presents.  One of our other regular monthly donors bought a bicycle for each member of their family for Christmas!  Rather than finding the bicycle under their tree, however, they will find health workers in Malawi riding the bicycles over dusty roads to clinics to weigh babies.

SIFE members teaching in KasompeStudents in ENACTUS – Teams of Graceland University ENACTUS students give 3 weeks of their time each year to travel to Zambia to donate – themselves!  They teach math in the classroom, set up income-generating projects, organize Soccer Clubs, teach financial literacy both for grandmother caregivers and for the kids, and distribute a ton of hugs and bushels of smiles!

WorldService Corps – Two volunteers regularly spend 8 weeks on-site at one of the Health-Ed Connect program sites providing extremely valuable services.  They live in the communities, become life-time friends with the locals and conduct community needs assessments, tabulate results, and elicite feedback to support our evidence-based programs.

Graceland University School of Education  - Teams of students and faculty members travel to Zambia annually to role-model and mentor teachers in our schools.  It is truly a win-win since the SOE students receive academic credit and the school children benefit from enthusiastic visitors, the latest in educational methods, and a boost toward making their schools the best in Zambia!

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